Carpet Repair



There are 1000’s of ways to damage your carpet. Pets, kids, contractors, water, and remodeling can all cause carpet damage.  The majority of these can be repaired.  Carpet problems can be fixed using a variety of professional methods, saving you thousands of dollars over the cost of replacing it. 

One of the most common repairs is carpet patching. Whether the carpet has pet damage done by a dog or a cat trying to dig out from underneath a door. Leaving a hole in the doorway carpet. Or fraying edges at a transition, bleach stains, burns, and so on. All of these can be patched.  Carpet patching is the process of cutting out the damaged area of carpet and replacing it with a good donor piece. The donor piece can come from leftover carpet from the original installation or from a closet. 

Carpet patching with spare carpet

 Will the patch be invisible? It’s very hard to say if the carpet patch will be invisible there are a lot of variables to this question. If the carpet is newer and has not had a lot of traffic, then the patch will blend in very nicely. On the other hand, if your carpet is worn and or dirty the patch will show. Having the carpets professionally cleaned after having the carpet patch done will help a great deal with how it looks. If you have plans to have your carpet cleaned, I recommend having your carpet cleaned after the patch has been done, not before. The carpet is able to be cleaned right after the patch has been done.

Is a Carpet Patch Strong?

When we perform a carpet repair our goal is not just for it to last but to leave it stronger that it was before. All of your patches are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Warranty.

Carpet Patching with Carpet from Closet

Patching carpet requires training, experience, and proper tools to make it look as good as possible. Using a Trained Pro will make a huge impact of whether the stain will be visible after the repair is complete. With complex repairs you have to think outside of the box to achieve the best results. 

Story time...

Speaking of thinking outside the box. I recently did some repairs on a 10- year-old carpet. There was a 5″ X 5″ bleach stain in the main traffic area in the living room. The difference in the wear between the living room and behind the door in the closet where I was going to get the carpet was very noticeable.

The traffic area in the walk in closet was was a good middle ground between the never walked on carpet in the closet and the main walk way into the living room.

I was able to take carpet from behind the door and patch it into the middle of the closet then take the closet carpet and patch it into the middle of the living room resulting in 2 seamless repairs. 

At the request of the customer I also patched the bleached stained carpet into the spot left behind the door so there was not a empty spot.