Carpet Stretching


RK Preserve is Portlands best carpet stretching service. No matter if you’re just looking to re-stretch a small room or have re-stretching done through your whole home we can do it all.  Stretching carpet can extend its life, improve the appearance and remove tripping hazards.  Carpet stretching may be required when the carpet has become loose or has wrinkles.  People will often describe carpets that need this service as being wrinkled, having bumps, wavy, buckling, rippling, or feels loose.



What Causes the Carpet to need stretching

     Loose or buckling carpet is often caused by not having it properly stretched when it’s first installed.  Some lesser known causes of loose carpeting are improper carpet cleaning, water damage, extreme temperatures and or humidity.  Carpet will react to the effects of heat (above 95°F) and cold (below 65°F) by expanding and contracting. Carpet Installed in a home with no HVAC system when it is cold out can become difficult to stretch and will loosen after the carpet has warmed up. For this reason, it is very important to have the home temperature set between 65 and 95 during and after the carpet installation. When a home goes from cool to hot on regular basis the carpet will become loose.

Re-attaching carpet after Water Damage or Construction


Stretching is also used to reattach carpet that has pulled away from the wall or threshold.  If the carpet has been pulled back or remove due to foundation repair, construction or flooding, it can be reinstalled. Pad replacement is also available.  Stretching a carpet can be simple in a square room. But can become complicated in rooms with more than one door, closet, coves, furniture, and custom built-in desk, shelves, and bookcases. Stretching carpet in a hall may require the remaking of carpet seems going into other rooms with carpet.