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From company to company prices for carpet cleaning run the gamut. It can be tempting to go with the cheapest initial bid but when you get down to brass tacks ask yourself why is it cheaper. The most common answer is that the company with the super deal is going to to raise the price on you as soon as they get in the door saying, “that’s not included” or charging for every stain. The second reason in because they don’t offer a quality service or a guarantee on their work. 

Affordable Quality

The carpet cleaning professionals at RK Preserve offer the best service at hassle free prices. We provide accurate over the phone quotes, the price we give is the price you’ll pay. If there are special areas of concern that need inspected RK Preserve offers free in home quotes as well.

It Doesn't Stop there

With RK Preserve you also get our 5 Star Guarantee with every service that we provide. If you are not completely satisfied we will do whatever we can to fix the situation or you get a full refund.

Pricing and Cost Estimator

7 step Carpet Cleaning $50 Per area

  1.  Pre-inspection 
  2.  Light Furniture moving 
  3. Apply Spot Remover 
  4. Apply Cleaning Solution 
  5. Let dwell for 10 Minutes
  6. Hot Water Extraction
  7. Post Inspection 5 Star Guaranty

Upholstery Cleaning $15 Per Linear FT

  1.  Pre- inspection
  2. Apply Spot Remover
  3. Apply Cleaning Solution
  4. Pre-Grooming
  5. Hot water extraction
  6. Post-Grooming
  7. Post Inspection
Carpet Stretching $79

Carpet stretching pricing will vary depending on the job because all carpet stretching jobs are different but $79 is the average cost for a single room stretch.


Carpet Repair $49

Carpet Patches also vary depending on the type and size of repair. An average for a patch 3×3 or smaller is $49.


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